Text 25 Jul KMPUD Out Valley Electrical Project

Well we have heard, talked, debated, ranted and now finally the “Out Valley Electrical Project” is well underway! This is a major step forward for the community here at Kirkwood. I have been hearing about this since I arrived in 1993. The Kirkwood Meadows Public Utilities District Board of Directors and the community have come together to bring power to the Valley a much needed improvement in my eyes…
The project is now well underway and working West of Kirkwood on SR88 (Silverlake-Zone) There will be one-way traffic control from one mile west of Plasses Resort to just west of the Kit Carson Lodge turnoff.  Controls are in effect 24 hours per day through Friday afternoon, 7/26, opening both ways by 3:00 pm for the weekend. One-way traffic control will also be in place next week, 24 hours per day, Monday through Friday, 7/29-8/2, ending before 3 pm Friday.

Below are a few shots of the construction on Kirkwood Meadows Drive just prior to the 4th of July weekend. To view the scope and map of Out Valley Project Click Here

Project Description:

The purpose of the project is to provide reliable electrical grid service as the primary source of power to meet existing needs and peak loads at build-out of the Kirkwood community and ski resort.  Replacing the use of diesel fired generators as the primary supply of power within the District’s service area will improve air quality, reduce emissions, and help stabilize rates for our customers.  The District’s powerhouse will provide the redundancy to ensure power needs are met even during transmission and distribution line outages. The project consists of three primary components from its starting point at Salt Springs Reservoir to a connection point adjacent to the Kirkwood Powerhouse:

1. Construction of a 24.8-mile long 34.5 kV underground transmission line from Bear River Reservoir to Kirkwood.  The alignment generally follows the north side of Highway 88 and nearby Forest Service roads, then crossing onto Kirkwood Meadows Drive.

2. Construction of two new substations.  The KM Green Substation will connect the overhead lines from PG&E’s existing Salt Springs-Tiger Creek station; and the KM Blue Substation will be located adjacent to the District’s new powerhouse.

3. Construction of two new overhead transmission lines (from Salt Springs Reservoir to the new KM Green Substation, and then to Bear River Reservoir):  a 1.3-mile long 115 kV overhead transmission line and a 1.8-mile long 34.5 kV overhead transmission line, both located in an existing PG&E overhead power line corridor.

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