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Good Evening my friends,

Glass:O:Ale in hand, boots just off, a few more thousand vert to my epic mix & today was a good day!

Tonight my friends, I must ask for your support, your vote, your passion for sport! Kirkwood is behind by over 200 votes in Power Magazines Skitown-throw down! It’s the battle of the Elite 8, a chance to drive our beloved resort into the Final Four! Without your support we can’t make the cut… So, I ask you to share the love, the link, the vote & your passion to take a Nor-Cal resort to the final four!

Tahoe deserves a place at the table, as a tribe, as one… This is about Washington vs. Tahoe? Seriously?

Nor-Cal let’s get our rally caps on and bring the pain! 3000k votes in 5hrs, that’s it, that’s all… Don’t let the coffee house slackers of Seattle take down the high tech wizards of Silicon Valley. the Epic moms of Marin, the down to earth brothers & sisters of the Berkeley community, the all stars and wildly cool community of Contra Costa, and who would ever forget the fine people of Oak-Town! NorCal let’s rock this vote, let’s send the message to the people! Tahoe rips, best people, best snow, best resorts!

My name is Coop and I approve this message….