Text 4 Jan Don’t Get Caught Off Guard - Advice from KMS

Extremely stoked to be in 2014!  The past year + was a test of patience for us Sierra skiers, but a change is brewing.  Like my father told me once as a young surfer, “The biggest waves always come after the ocean goes calm.”  I strongly believe this is true for storms as well… and the ocean has definitely gone calm.  If you have spent any time in the Sierras, you know that when it snows- it dumps.  This is especially true for Kirkwood Mountain, where Poseidon seems to like to drop bombs!  If you haven’t made it up to Kirkwood yet this season, it is time!  Only a little longer before Mother Nature opens those flood gates and Kirkwood comes alive. 

My advice- Don’t get caught off guard!

The early season is the best time to get your legs warmed up, find that hole in your gloves, and double check that the boots are still fitting right.  Last thing you want on the next neck deep powder day is to be stuck, wet, cold and in pain while others fly past smiling.

Everyone here at Kirkwood Mountain Sports is passionate about skiing and riding, and we want you to be at our stoke level.  Come in and take advantage of the lowest prices in the industry, FREE boot analysis, and expert product knowledge.  After all, we do ski/ ride what we sell 100+ days a year.  Whether you need warmer socks, goggles that won’t fog, or a little tweak to those boots; we’ve got you covered. 

Lastly, I would like to throw out a huge THANKS to everyone who has supported Discovery Blind Sports in our store.  Our Adopt-A-Cause program ends on January 5th and we are so close to our goal.  This year blew me away with how supportive everyone has been in raising money to teach skiing to the blind out here at Kirkwood Mountain.  Through January 5th we will be continuing our sale to benefit Discovery Blind Sports on everything in the store!!

Check them out here @ www.discoveryblindsports.org/‎

Let’s Shred!

David Brown 

Kirkwood Mountain Sports