Text 6 Jan 1 note Epic Mixology at the Wall Bar

It’s just something about ripping the long, groomed steeps at Kirkwood on one of those leg burning days that puts a wide smile on my face and makes me yell out at the end of the day “cocktail time!”  After a long day on the slopes nothing beats great cocktail and “Off the Wall” (referred to as “The Wall Bar” by locals) has the drinks that hit the spot.

Our super friendly resident bartender/ Epic-Mixologist DeAnna “D” Forman shares two of her most delicious specialties with us:

  • “Yukon Jack’s Hot Toddy” a warm and nutty hot Toddy with Yukon Jack whiskey, amaretto, clover honey, and a twist of lemon; warm, cozy, and just what my tired legs needed to unwind.
  • “Adult Hot Chocolate” a blend of hot chocolate, Crown Royal Maple, and Godiva White Chocolate liqueur; smooth, delicious, and reminiscent of my child hood (minus the alcohol of course).

Next time you visit Kirkwood Mountain be sure to stop into the Wall Bar and try the crazy and delicious cocktails our Epic-Mixologist are concocting, I promise they will not disappoint.  

Joe Koenig

F&B Manager

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