Text 2 Mar Take Your Cross Country Skiing to the Next Level

Ski & Skills Tour

One of the most asked questions of new and less experienced cross country skiers is “how do you turn them things?” Well it takes skill but it’s possible and fun once you get the hang of it. Cross country skis are designed to glide forward but there is an element of turning designed into the ski. It just takes a little more effort to swing those boards around.

At the Kirkwood Cross Country Center we like to help get people out of the meadow and enjoy our more challenging and scenic trails. We have created a challenging lesson for those looking to progress beyond the basics called the Ski Skills and Tour lesson.

Skiers always want to know what the next step is after the beginning lesson. Well it’s all about going on a tour with one of our expert instructors. The terrain determines what techniques you learn but the goal is by end of the tour you will be able to ski intermediate trails - Sierra Vista, Agony and Ecstasy will be within your reach.

Head to the Cross Country Center lessons page for more information or give us a call at 209.258.7248

Debbie Waldear,

Kirkwood Cross Country Center