Text 11 Apr Kirkwood Spring Hours Announced

There is so much to love about spring skiing & riding at Kirkwood: Fast morning groomers without another skier in sight; lunch on the backside chased down with a cold brewski; and then of course the corn snow harvest in the afternoon!  I’ve been having so much fun exploring the endless acres of sun softened, off-piste terrain up here during the warm spring afternoons. I find myself making mental notes of lines for next winter when the POW is deep but forget them by the time I’m heading home. Maybe it’s the sun.

This season we’re staying open until the last Sunday in April. That’s right, April 27th. We’re saying good-bye to Timber Creek for the season on the 13th and finishing up backside operations on the 20th.

Timber Creek’s Final Day – April 13th

Backside’s Final Day – April 20th

Kirkwood’s Final Day – April 27th

If you need one last cruise through the ‘Ditch of Doom’ I suggest you head to TC this weekend. While I love a good Gully run as much as the next guy, I’m more thinking of the last laps on the backside. Maybe one more Cornice Dropping 101 session on The Wave is needed, perhaps 99 steps for one last view from the top or even a tree cruiser on Fawn Ridge.

Wherever you choose to go right now, front side or back, you can’t go wrong with how good the snow is. My biggest goal is to avoid the summer ‘Riders Remorse’… I’ll explain:

Like many outdoor people, the warm weather has got me thinking about some of the fun summer activities I love, but every year I don’t get far into summer before I’m missing those winter turns. I could be sitting on a beach or enjoying a campfire with friends and still find myself thinking about snowboarding.  Riders Remorse (a true documented condition) is when I feel like I could have got out way more. It’s this slight feeling of guilt that I can’t quite shake. To that end,  I’m stoked we have a couple of weeks left to enjoy Kirkwood and the great spring conditions we have up here. I’m determined to make the most of it!

Hope to see you on the mountain!

Dan Ventura,

Marketing Coordinator 

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