Text 27 Apr Thanks for a Great Season - Here are my highlights!

I’m going to come right out and say it – This year was a blast! That statement would have been more difficult to muster, say, mid-January when the weather was less cooperative, but as a whole I had a great first season at Kirkwood. Not only was this my first season at Kirkwood, but also my first as a snow reporter and working in  marketing, making the switch from multiple seasons on the Ski & Ride School side of the business. I learned a lot about the weather this season which was not only necessary, of course, but really interesting too. I also got to see firsthand all that is happening at the mountain before the sun ever peaks over the ridges. All I can say is that the late night / early morning crews at Kirkwood are total pros and I have a new found respect for what they do. From groomers agonizing over the perfect cord to patrol sleeping at the summit so they can conduct snow safety the next morning, these folks are unsung heroes of Kirkwood and I am in total awe of the job they do! 

Getting to know the Kirkwood community this season has been great. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many passionate skier & riders on the chairlifts this winter – telling me why they love this mountain, why they snowboard or how many days they have logged this year.  Being new to this mountain, it has been inspiring to listen to people from the Bay, to S. Lake to Germany tell me this is their favorite place to ski and ride! As the season went on and I got to explore more of this mountain it’s pretty easy to see why everyone gets so stoked about Kirkwood – this place is special. The terrain here is absoulutely incredible - big cliffs, open bowls, powdery gullies and steep! Did I mention steep! Not that we don’t have mellow terrain to, we do, but I fell in love with the more challeging stuff. The day I spent lapping Vista was rediculous! 

It’s always sad to wind down a season, but I’m excited for 1) my first summer in S. Lake, which I’ve heard are super fun; and 2) All the cool stuff going on next year. With that, here are some of my top moments from my first season here, Enjoy! 

Morning Sunrises

You only get these when you’re up on the mountain as early as I was. There were some mornings when I felt very lucky


New Year’s Eve

Even though December was a little light on the snow front, our celebration was so fun! The torchlight parade with it’s hundreds of glow sticks was quite the spectacle and the fireworks display that followed was fantastic. Coop and I attached a GoPro to the bottom of the fireworks launching pad! 

The Rahlves’ Banzai Tour

What a crazy event! I had know idea… these racers are hardcore. If I don’t have work it next year (I will) I want to race. Not that I think I can really hang, but it looks fun! 

April Powder!

I rode around with this group in the morning. Best 2 hrs of the season. Not only was the snow light, deep and plentiful but these little shredders were a total inspiration!

4/25 I’m in there!


See you next season!